Are you residing in either Masindi or Packwach and you have a free day off your busy schedule? Experience the best short Uganda tour with a 1-day birding safari to Murchison falls national park with an epic Uganda cultural safari encounter.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the prime destinations in the pearl of Africa – Uganda. Murchison Falls National Park is usually the beginning or ending point of many Uganda wildlife tours as it lies in the middle of both the southern Uganda safari circuit as well as the east and northeastern Uganda tour circuit. Murchison Falls National Park is positioned in the northwestern side of Uganda on the tip of the western arm of the great East African rift valley, it lies is 311km about 5 hours’ drive from Kampala, the Uganda s capital city in the districts of Nwoya, Masindi, Kiryandongo and Buliisa. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest park spanning an area of about 3,893sq kilometers. Together with Bugungu and Karuma Wildlife Reserves, Murchison Falls National Park forms the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area covering 5,308km2. This vast expanse of conservation land is dissected by the mighty river Nile on its coarse to the Mediterranean Sea where it pours its waters. River Nile leaves a permanent natural landmark in the middle of the park named Murchison Falls which is the most powerful waterfall in the world that you will always encounter while undertaking your Uganda wildlife safaris. Murchison Falls is among the prime Uganda safaris tour products and it is an amazing encounter as you are amazed by splendid views of the Nile River as it squeezes itself to pass through an 8m ravine before falling 43m below to what has been termed as the Devils Cauldron forming a plume of spray that is accompanied by a thunderous roar.

The highlight of the 1 Day Murchison Birding Safari and Cultural Tour / 1 Day Birding Safari in Murchison Falls National Game Park in Uganda

Commence this birding safari in Uganda in Murchison with waking up early and get yourself ready for a once in a lifetime birding spectacle in the Murchison 400 bird species. Drive to Murchison and engage in a morning birding session then enjoy an epic cultural encounter in the afternoon as you meet one of the local communities that share this great wilderness with these great wild beasts that call the savanna plains of Murchison their home.

Detailed itinerary of the 1 Day Murchison Birding Safari and Cultural Tour / 1 Day Birding Safari in Murchison Falls National Game Park in Uganda

Kick-off this Uganda tour to Murchison with incessant sweet melodies of nature’s finest singers the birds of the wild that will rock your eyes as you wake up very early in the morning on this 1-day wildlife safari in Uganda  to Murchison. Get yourself a cup of purely Ugandan coffee to get you energized for a great day ahead of you as this safari Uganda has a whole lot of fascinations to offer to you as you enjoy 1 day Uganda wildlife safaris experience in Murchison Falls National Game Park. One of our experienced and very professional guides will pick you up from any of your hotel in either Packwach or Masindi in one of our wide fleet of safari car hire options which include 4×4 safari vans, 4×4 safari land cruisers and 4×4 safari super customs vans and begin a mind-blowing short Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison falls that’s really filled with a myriad of road fascinations to feast your eyes on. These begin with the eye-catching lush green sceneries that blanket most of Uganda’s landscape all around you. On a clear day, you are in for a sunrise on the eastern horizon as the sun sheers through the clouds to make its presence known as it accompanies you on this 1-day safari in Uganda to Murchison Falls National Game Park Uganda.

On arrival to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda, begin your Uganda birding safari with a transfer to one of the birding hot spots in this great wilderness for a spectacular Uganda birding watching safari in Murchison Falls National Park and meet several of the 350 birding species that call this place home. Some of the birds that eagerly reveal to yourself during this 1 day tour in Uganda include elusive shoebill stork, goliath heron, Egyptian vulture, Abyssinian ground hornbill, black-headed lapwing, African jacana, black-billed barbet, eastern grey plantain eater, swamp flycatcher, blue-headed coucal, Denham’s bustard, Piapiac, silver bird, grey crowned crane  after about 3-4 hours of hardcore birding on this short Uganda wildlife safaris, retreat to one of the numerous Uganda safari accommodations safari lodges that are dotted all over Murchison falls for a fine dining experience on a purely Ugandan cuisine that has been carefully crafted by a team of excellent chefs whose major goal is to take your taste buds on a culinary journey of a lifetime with this sweet and fresh meal during this short Uganda wildlife safari.

After having this belly feeling and definitely sumptuous luncheon, brace yourself for a Uganda cultural safari thriller as you to meet any of the numerous local communities that reside at the peripherals of Murchison falls national park on this 1-day short wildlife tour in Uganda. on arrival here, you are in for an emphatic welcome as the locals put on a show for you that comes with singing, ululations and never seen before African dance strokes on a truly African rhythm. If you feel this music appealing to most inner core of your being, feel free to join in and groove to this sounding African beat. During this culture safari in Uganda, you are taken on a learning journey as you get imparted with basic art and crafting skills from the fine African crafting ladies who teach how to make a few of their personally customized items like baskets, mats, and beadwork. Listen to some of the challenges these natives face as they share a home with numerous wild beasts that reside here. as you leaving this community, feel free to buy any item of choice as a way of supporting this community out here. the of this rather eye-opening cultural fusion draws the curtains to what has been an amazing Uganda tours experience in Murchison falls then embark on a road transfer back to your Uganda safari accommodations safari lodge in either Masindi or Packwach to crown this safari to Uganda experience up.

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