Overview of the2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Uganda Fishing Safari In Mt Elgon National Park

A Uganda safari to Mountain Elgon National Park takes you to eastern Uganda where  this park is located across Uganda- Kenya border along geographical co-ordinates of 01o08’00”N 34o35’00”E.  This safari Uganda to Mount Elgon leads you on a tour Uganda journey that covers about 256km or a 6-hour drive from Kampala city the capital of Uganda to the eastern district of Mbale. The park is bordered by Kenya in the east, Kapchorwa district in the north, Kumi and Soroti districts in the west and Lake Victoria in the south-west. The park covers most of mountain Elgon which spans over a distance of 180km in diameter. Mt. Elgon national park Uganda covers a distance of 1,276sqkm in total both in Uganda and Kenya. In Uganda, the park covers 1,110sqkm while in Kenya it covers169sqkm. The highest peak of mt. Elgon is Wagagai at an elevation of 4,321m or 1,4177ft above sea level and it’s entirely found in Uganda and this makes it the 4th highest mountain in East Africa. Mt. Elgon has the largest volcano base for a single mountain in the entire world with a volcano base of 4000sqkm.

This short Uganda wildlife tour leads you on an adventure to the of a lifetime as you get to engage in a variety of activities in this mt. elgon park which includes a hike to the epic Sipi falls, do a blood rushing abseiling down to the bottom of the falls as well as a Uganda fishing safari experience here.

Highlights of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Uganda Fishing Safari In Mt Elgon National Park

Day 1 of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari: Transfer to kapchorwa and engage in a hike to the falls as well as abseiling experience

Day 2 of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari: Engage in an epic fishing expedition then return back to Kampala

Detailed itinerary of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Uganda Fishing Safari In Mt Elgon National Park

Day 1 of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari: Begins this short Uganda wildlife safari with an early morning pick up from your lodge either in Kampala or Entebbe by any our safari guide then embark on a Uganda tour road adventure to Mbale tour which lasts about 5-6 hours to get there. During this safari Uganda road trip, expect to be entertained by the fascinating road sceneries and stops that will make the entire journey interesting and less tiring. These fascinations begin with a nice road stop at Namawojolo for a taste of Uganda’s goodness which roasted chicken on sticks and if you are a vegan no worries at all because this place still has something for you and that is a wide range of purely organic and sweet Ugandan fruits for you to choose from. Drive through the forest of Mabira and have a stop in Jinja for breakfast then continue with the rest of the journey to Kapchorwa. This drive ends with your arrival to your already pre-booked lodge, check-in and have a nice lunch meal. After this nice lunch meal, get into the car and transfer to the starting point of the hike to Sipi falls. This hike to falls lasts about 1.5-2 hours and when you arrive at these falls, you will be blown away by their beauty as you get to see water falling off a vertical cliff to plunge close to 100m below into a pool. At the top of the falls, you will find your abseiling gear ready then begin your blood rushing activity as you rappel down the cliff which will be definitely getting your blood running faster and when you arrive at the bottom of the falls you, it will all be worth it. After this activity, return to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 2 of the 2 Days Mt Elgon Fishing Safari Uganda Safari: Wake up early in the morning and enjoy a heavy breakfast before you transfer back to the Sipi falls this time around for a Uganda fishing adventure. A fishing safari Uganda in Sipi falls presents you with an opportunity to bait and catch the river trout fish. This species doesn’t have the size of a Nile perch but it will give you a run for your money given its high energy levels and the fighting spirit it puts up against your fishing rode. This fish is also a darling to anglers because of its numerous rainbow colours which make it a worthwhile adventure. After about 3 hours of pure fishing joy, return to the lodge for lunch then check out and start your return journey back to Kampala.

This short fishing safari Uganda isn’t just what has got to offer because there is still so much that you haven’t seen on a tour Uganda hence when an opportunity arises to come back to Uganda, try out a Uganda wildlife safari to any of the numerous Uganda safari to destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park for a short Uganda wildlife tour experience. During this short Uganda wildlife safari to any of these parks expect to meet numerous wild game like cape buffaloes, African bush elephants, leopards and lions a wide variety of antelopes. You can also choose to extend your safari with a Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. This Uganda gorilla tour to gives chance to meet the any of the 18 gorilla families here. As Prime Safaris & Tours, we pride ourselves in the being at the helm of organizing amazing short Uganda gorilla safaris and long Uganda gorillas trekking safaris with a single goal of giving the best gorilla experience in Uganda. We have also excelled in the art of offering a wide range of both short Uganda wildlife safaris and long Uganda wildlife tours that are customized to your needs with an aim of giving you the an ultimate safari in Uganda experience.

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