It is just a year since the Uganda Tourism Board contracted Kamageo African destination Marketing to launch the country’s  first ever campaign to increase the number of tourists from the Queen’s Land. The United Kingdom has an overwhelmingly high number of outbound tourists that amounts to over 35,000 people annually. The board saw need to outsource so as to tap into the wide market and a year down the road. The initiative is yielding results.

In just less than a week, Uganda received tremendous coverage in the UK worth £1,125,000 across various media. It all started when out of the blue, a gorilla appeared at the Trafalgar Square. The animatronic gorilla named Bakwate excited many folks in London as it moved around socialized and acted like a gorilla. It left many yearning for a Uganda gorilla safari and we sure that the excitement must have broken tour websites in Uganda with enquiries on how to see gorillas in Uganda.

gorilla safari- gorilla in london

The gorilla also made another major appearance at Destination Travel show and Uganda lit up the social media and its stands were buzzing. With the euphoria already, those who had missed its sight at the square rushed to the show to get to know all about it and take that precious selfie picture to confirm. Many were fascinated of the fact that they could experience more like this by just taking a tour to Uganda have booking a gorilla habituation venture. For the first time, all talk on top news agencies and shows like Sky News, Good Morning Britain, Sky News online, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, Independent, Daily Express, MSN, AOL, BT  wasn’t all Donald Trump or Brexit. Uganda took over the waves with various people showcasing and reviewing the sight of the gorilla and how much they would love to see the endangered species.

This is just the latest element of the marketing campaign. Earlier Kamageo launched a sponsorship ad with Nat Geo Wild TV last year at every break and that advocated for rather than enjoy wildlife on TV why not take on the venture for yourself.  While at the expo, tour agencies like Titan Travel saw their 2018 Great Apes of Uganda Holiday Package sold out.

We can only continue to nod our heads at the work of Kamageo and all Uganda tourism stakeholders at large for all great strides taken to promote Gorilla tours to Uganda. Gorilla excursions to Uganda are described as the best experiences in travel on can ever have. The creatures have 98% similar DNA as humans and more than half are found in the Pearl of Africa. Gifted with bird species, the big five, various other wildlife, flora and rich culture, the interest and journey into Uganda is just at kicking off