Dubbed the Pearl of Africa by the famous Winston Churchill on his Uganda Safari holiday expedition, the destination Uganda has for many decades past maintained this incredible attractiveness within and across the borders.

At the Magical Kenya Expo held early October, the Uganda stand locked the revellers as the exhibitors endeavoured to bring to light the various elements that have characterised the undying beauty of Uganda. Ranging from Mountain Gorillas that form the ground for gorilla safaris in Uganda to incredible culture and history such as the Uganda Martyrs, every bit of interaction was heart moving and rewarding!

The Uganda stand interestingly had marketers dressed in Chimpanzee & Gorilla costumes who would hand over the flyers with details of Uganda tour products to the visitors. The costumes demonstrated the two great Apes which Uganda is proud to shelter their largest population world over.

The 2017 Magical Kenya Expo attracted about 200 exhibitors and turn up on the Uganda stand was good like in the previous expos which Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours Ltd has been attending.

  Uganda is part of the northern corridor integration scheme together with Kenya and Rwanda and as part of their strategies towards promotion of East Africa Safari tours; each country hosts an event every year that is attended by all the members. In Uganda, the joint activity is Uganda Martyrs Day, in Rwanda its Kwita Izina (gorilla naming) ceremony while in Kenya, its Magical Kenya Expo.

Interstate travel between these countries is also considerably high. For example, Kenya forms the leading source market for Uganda in the region and therefore popularising the Uganda’s beauty at such events is by no means an ordinary promotional effort.