Overview of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari In Kidepo Valley Park

This 2 days Uganda wildlife safari takes you the “The True African Wilderness” Kidepo Valley National Park for a truly remarkable Uganda safari experience. This safari Uganda to Kidepo Valley gives you an opportunity to indulge in a beautiful game drive and a cultural encounter with the amazing Karimajong people.

Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda is located in the northeastern district of Kabong which is about 140 km from Kitgum town. This leads you on a 2-3 hour drive to get to Kidepo Valley National Park. Kidepo Valley National Park is highly rated as a classic Africa savanna destination by many international travel agencies for example safari bookings which rated Kidepo Valley Park as the 14th best African savanna park for a classic wildlife adventure for 2019. This is possible because Kidepo Valley National Park has a wide range of wildlife which ranges from which includes 4 out of 5 of Africa’s big five which includes elephants, cape buffaloes, lions and leopards. Other wild mammals you will find in Kidepo Valley Park on your Uganda tour include Burchell zebras, Rothchild’s giraffes, klipspringers, greater and lesser kudus gazelles and many more. A birder should expect to find several of the 475 bird species that roam the plains of savanna making it the second richest destination in Uganda only behind Queen Elizabeth National Park that is home to 600 bird species. On top of all these wild dwellers of Kidepo Valley National Park, you will still equally have an interesting Uganda cultural safari experience on this tour Uganda trip to Kidepo Valley as this park is surrounded by the Karimajong people who have a unique culture and a unique settlement pattern called the Manyata communities.

Highlights of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari in Kidepo Valley Park


Day 1 of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari: Transfer from Kitgum town to Kidepo valley, have an evening game drive

Day 2 of the Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari: Have a morning cultural encounter and a return journey to Kitgum

Detailed itinerary of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari / 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari in Kidepo Valley Park


1 Day Amboseli National Park Safari Tour KenyaDay 1 of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari : This 2 days short Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo Valley begins with a morning pick up from your hotel or residence in Kitgum town by any of our highly experienced driver guides using any of our 4×4 safari vans car hire in Uganda or 4×4 luxury land cruiser car hire in Uganda. On this tour to Uganda to Kidepo Valley Park, you will enjoy spectacular road sightings as you get to meet numerous Ugandans tilling their lands or heading out to market areas in case it’s a market day. Expect to be warmed by a warm glow of sunshine as the sun rises from the east. On arrival at Kidepo Valley National Park, you will be welcomed by sweeping views of the Kidepo wilderness. Transfer to your already pre-booked Uganda safari lodges where you will relax as you wait for lunch. After having this nice lunch, you will start your Uganda safari tour evening game drive and this puts you in position to see numerous wild game that calls the dry savanna plains of Kidepo Valley National Park their home and these include the tallest land mammals the giraffes, the beautiful Burchell zebras, the lesser and greater kudus, Uganda kobs, cape buffaloes, bush elephants, and on a good day you may be lucky and site the African lions, the elusive cheetahs. During this game, drive expect to encounter some of the 475 bird species. After this game drive returns to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Accommodation option

Luxury: Apoka Safari Lodge

Mid-range: Nga moru wilderness camp

Budget: Apoka Bandas

16 Days Classic Uganda Wildlife Safari Culture & Gorilla trekking Uganda SafarisDay 2 of the 2 Days Kidepo Wildlife Safari Uganda Safari: Wake up early morning and listen to the twittering of several of the 475 bird species that exist here. Move to the dining area and enjoy a nicely prepared breakfast after which you check out of the lodge and transfer to a local community for your Uganda cultural safari experience. On arrival here, you will be welcomed the akarimajong style that comes with a singing and dancing frenzy and when you feel captivated by the foot-stomping and jumping dance, join in and groove to the African beat. Visit their nicely built homes called the Manyattas, these are really short huts that enclosed in a reed fence which will make you wonder a person can sleep in such as a tiny house. After this cultural encounter, begin your return journey to Kitgum and this concludes your short Uganda wildlife safari in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Even though this was a short Uganda wildlife tour to Kidepo valley national park you can come back again next time to Kidepo and enjoy another wildlife safari in Uganda to Kidepo or any other safari in Uganda destination like Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison Falls National Park to have similar encounter with a variety of Uganda wildlife attractions in these parks. If you decide to return for another tour in Uganda, visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a Uganda gorilla safari experience because in Bwindi Impenetrable Park you are bound to meet any of the 18 gorilla families that exist here.

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