Since time memorial, people world over searched for the source of the Nile River. The Nile River globally considered as the world’s longest river, is the blood life of Egypt. It all starts in Uganda at Jinja, a place confirmed by John Speke in 1862 that settled all debates and doubts.

Today Lake Victoria attracts millions of tourists annually for its historical sense and geographical aspect.  It is also a trend that adventure at the Nile becomes more thrilling each year. Jinja’s prime location during the colonial times led to its quick development as it was an entry and departure point by the waters. Infrastructures today have been restored as hotels and restaurants to provide facilities for accommodation. The banks can also now be enjoyed for golfing and horse back and pony rides a new activity while on a adventure safari to Uganda.

rafting at the nile Due to the fact that Jinja is in the youthful stage of the Nile, water is generally fast, characterized by falls, rapids and steep gradient. This permits entertaining white-water sports such as rafting, kayaking, quad biking, jet boating, or a simple boat cruise and the exquisite bungee jumping that keep he adrenaline flowing.

The Nile corridor also enjoys good weather all year round. It’s never too hot or too wet just perfect for an adventure. The Nile basin is home to different cultures, the Baganda on the west bank and the Basoga on the east. Jinja is however well known for housing the Busoga administrative headquarters. It is of great value to both groups and cultural activities like rituals are performed at Bujagali Falls and Kalagala falls.

Bungy jump at the nile When one undertakes an Uganda tour vacation, a journey to Jinja that gives a collection of high octane and relating excursions, suitable accommodation and dining facilities. Whatever the length of your stay in Uganda, Jinja and the Nile are just a two hours’ drive away from the capital Kampala.

No place in east Africa is like Jinja that makes it east Africa’s adventure tourism hub that can only be experienced while on a Uganda safari. Whatever your adventure idea, Jinja got the colour and perfect mood to grant the ultimate memory.