In the field of diplomacy, ambassadors play a vital role in tactfully and effectively dealing with people. Tourism is such a sector that depends on human element so sentiments and feelings are key to its growth. It is due to this that each country has Tourism Ambassadors.

These are people who represent, campaign boost, represent, promote and back anything that would be beneficial to the sector. Tourism ambassadors have over the years been selected by government or its agencies.

Uganda-Cranes-team-will-travel-on-Thursday-to-Burkina-FasoThe most notable ambassadors are the Uganda national Football team aka the cranes that just completed representing Uganda at the 2017 edition of the Africa Cup of nations. As the tourism ambassadors, the team through playing the world’s most popular game; football showcased the spirit of the nation. Placed in the most difficult group dubbed the group of death, the Cranes went down but didn’t go down without raising some dust. The team certainly proved a hard nut to crack for title favourites Ghana and Egypt. Clad in the national colours, commentators referred to the boys as originating from the Pearl of Africa. The team that takes their name from the national bird; the crested crane was very much in action. They carried on the spirit of being majestic and gracious like the birds. The team went on to draw their last game and came home as heroes.


I ask myself what lessons we can pick from this. See the cranes were never the most favoured team. Despite them winning the Team of the Year 2016, hardly anyone could pronounce the name right. The boys persevered  despite all odds to give it their best. This is spirit and cross all oceans and fly a thousand of miles. Nothing quite beats the Ugandan resolve. This resolve shown by the National team and its fans is all over the country when you take a Uganda Safari. More so if you take cultural tours you will be amazed by the togetherness and hope for the future. Due to the latter, 1000 businesses will fail on a Monday and 10,000 will be opened on Tuesday. World statistics show Uganda’s entrepreneur levels among the highest on the African block.

phionaIf you don’t buy that idea, perhaps you will buy this. You have heard of the Queen of Katwe? If you haven’t well Katwe isn’t one of the many tribes you can encounter while on a cultural and community tour in Uganda. The Queen of Katwe is actually a 2016 feature biological Hollywood film based on a book by the same name. The book profiles Phiona Mutesi a former Katwe slum dweller that learns to play chess and goes on to become a Woman Candidate Master. The film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and ESPN films. In recognition of her achievements Phiona and her coach were named tourism ambassadors, to promote the country’s image.  If we all rise up to the moment, take up the responsibility of tourism ambassadors, then our national prayers can became thanksgiving. It is not only about the Ugandans but all those who have it at heart and value it, because believe me no place like the 256. If learn how to spell Uganda, that it starts with “you” and without “u” it’s just “ganda” that why they spread propaganda. Only then can we uplift the true potential of the Pearl of Africa that can bring a tour to Uganda as the best experience year in year out.