Mount Rwenzori can be encountered on a Safari to Uganda. it is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, stretches to about 120km (75mi) in length & 65km (40 mi) in width, with snow-capped chains of mountains, that are famously known as the “Mountains of the Moon” , as described by Ptolemy – an early Geographer, Astronomer & Mathematician.
The Fable Mountains are made up of six massifs separated by deep gorges, in their ascending order of height: Mount Stanley (5,109m/16,762ft), Mount Speke (4,890m/16,040ft), Mount Baker (4,843m/15,889ft), Mount Emin (4,798m/15,741ft), Mount Gessi (4,715m/15,469ft) and Mount Luigi di Savoia (4,627m/15,180ft). Mount Stanley is home to several subsidiary summits, with Margherita Peak being the highest point, not only in Rwenzoris, but in the whole of Africa and its snow-caps can be seen miles across the base of the mountain.
Basic hikers are only allowed to go up to 1,600m and beyond this, only ‘experienced hikers’ are allowed to explore what lies there. The hike exposes memorable experiences only to tourists who are willing to take up the common 7-day/6-night central circuit that also runs through the vegetation zones, but shorter hikes are also available for hikers unfit or unwilling to take on the central circuit. More amazingly, the features of these mountain ranges always change with time, making each hike a whole new experience from the previous one.
There are also other diverse Eco-systems ranging from trees & plants to both large & small mammals, making it an experience not to miss.

There are other alternative mountains in the neighboring countries and can be hiked on a Safari to Rwanda and Safari to DRCongo