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Exciting Uganda Cultural Safaris- Uganda Safari News

Uganda today ranks among the best hosts for Africa cultural safaris.  Uganda as country, has over 56 tribes located in different regions, speaking different languages and each of these tribes have got unique way of life, marriage ceremonies, dress code, dance, arts, cultures, beliefs and norms.

African cultural safari
During an Imbalu ceremony

In eastern Uganda one will encounter the gisu people that hail in the Mountain Elgon with their famous “Imbalu ceremony” that is celebrated for about four months from August every year.

The traditional circumcision commences with groups of people camping, singing and dancing kadodi.

The circumcision ceremony is done as a way of welcoming young boys into adult hood.

This ceremony spreads as far as Kenya and Kapchorwa.  The interesting bit of the people in Kapchorwa the Sebei is that they still practice female genital mutilation and the elders of this land are still proud of this activity.

African cultural safari

The north eastern part is home to the Karamojong people. These are nomadic pastoralists whose life is dependent on milk, sorghum and animal blood.

They cannot live without cattle. Among the Karamojong, lives an isolated tribe, the Tapeth people.

Today the Tapeth still dwell in caves surviving on fruits, tuber gathering and hunting.

The Tapeth people do-not dress up and still strongly believe in female genital mutilation.

African cultural safari
           The current King of Buganda

The baganda, who reside in the central region of Uganda, have an amazing long history of kingship that counts to a total of 35 kings including the current King; Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

In Buganda a man is allowed to marry as many wives as he wishes.

The more women and children a man has, the more respect he will get from the society.

Marriage in Buganda is so divine in that all girls are well trained by their own aunties and mothers on how to handle their husbands as boys move with their fathers and uncles.

Uganda cultural safaris are a great safari experience because Uganda is a culturally blessed nation with a count of over 65 tribes as per the amended constitution of Uganda 2005.

A cultural safari to Uganda enables tourists interact with some of these tribes in Uganda with closely related traits while others are far part presenting a rich cultural diversity and can be explored on cultural safaris in Uganda.

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