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Ethiopian Airlines Plane Over Shots as it Lands at The at Entebbe Airport Runway, Delays Flights

On Thursday morning the 3rd of January 2019, at around 12: 41am, the Ethiopian Airlines passenger plane Flight No. 338, a Boeing 737-800 overshot on the runway at the Entebbe International airport.

The plane has covered part of the runway causing delays in flights as well as cancellation of other flights especially the inbound international flights.  Some flights have been rerouted to Nairobi as they clear the airport.

The plane was carrying 139 passengers who were on the plane according to officials from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have been disembarked safely from the plane and have already been cleared normally by the airport staff.

This Ethiopian Airlines plane was coming from the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa to Uganda was not damaged in any way according to Ethiopian Airlines but the company maintains that it is investigating the cause of the incident.

The concerted efforts and other stakeholders are working hard to ensure they remove the plane so thigs can get back to normal again.

The aircraft is currently being towed to the ramp to allow for other planes to land and take off normally and it will only take a few hours for normal operation at EBB to be resumed.

The Ethiopian Airline management apologized to all their passenger who were on board for the inconvenience caused.

An alternative flight is being arranged in order to complete the return flight to rebook those who had booked a flight from Entebbe International airport to Addis Ababa as they investigate what caused the problem.

The Entebbe Airport staff regrets all those who flights have been delayed or cancelled or alternated to the neighboring airports like Nairobi. They are working hard to ensure the airport flights operate normally again.

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