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“Experience Uganda –First!” – The Newly Launched Marketing Strategy Aimed at Luring Tourists From GCC to Come and Enjoy an Epic Uganda safari -Africa Safari News

All people who have visited Uganda-my dear motherland! Have their own fairytale stories to tell about this country which has an astounding impact on the hearts of many Africa safari makers who have dared to venture to this incredibly beautiful country that’s so awesome to see.

Whatever Uganda lacks in terms of landsize, it usually compensates in terms of its wide biodiversity because As far back as 1864 and in fact by 1907, Uganda had already been baptized “The Pearl Of Africa” by Sir Winston Churchill in his book entitled My African Journey.

What Makes Uganda a Destination You Wouldn’t Dare Miss out on an Africa Safari?

Uganda has a thing for captivating every person that makes an Africa safari to this country of great biodiversity and if you’re looking for reasons as to why you should jump on the next available flight bound to destination Uganda, well here is a whole lot of them.

Uganda the Land of Apes

To primatologists and any other person who is intrigued by these wild cousins of ours, Uganda isn’t only the Pearl of Africa as many of us know it to be but also is truly the home of primates and this is because Uganda is home to over 13 primate species a number that isn’t easily found elsewhere on the planet.

Are you on a search for mountain gorillas? If you’re, then get your bags ready and make that Uganda safari tour because Uganda is home to these elusive mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

These gentle giants in Uganda almost constitute half of the world’s gorilla population which is currently standing at around 1000 individuals.

When you make your Uganda safari to this pearl of Africa, you will come to realize that mountain gorillas are just a part of what really Uganda has to offer.

Uganda still has more attractions your will encounter in case you decide to make a Uganda wildlife safari.

After a really spectacular encounter with the gorillas, Uganda gives you an opportunity to meet another great ape species and this is the chimpanzee.

With a safaris Uganda to Kibale Forest National Park Uganda, you are assured for a memorable encounter with the chimpanzees that will definitely fascinate you with their high levels of intelligence.

However, as you search for the chimpanzees in Kibale you have an opportunity to meet 12 other primate species and these include the black and white colobus monkeys, the grey-cheeked mangabeys, the l’hoest monkeys, the olive baboons, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, patas monkeys and many more.

Uganda The Home of birds

uganda birding safarisBirds, when you speak of birds in Africa, Uganda should be your first priority because a Uganda birding safari is to any of the numerous birding safari destinations in Uganda such as Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidpeo Valley National Park and Kibale National Park is a totally unique experience that gives you an opportunity to encounter several of the 1070 bird species that call Dear Uganda home.

This makes Uganda home to over 50% of all the bird species that are found on the African continent.

Wild mammals- if you are looking for wild mammals, a Uganda wildlife safari to some of Uganda wildlife safaris destinations such as Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park will give you an encounter with some of the finest African savanna mammals like you have never seen before.

Many of these destinations have 4 or 5 out of the big five Africa game which includes African bush elephants, cape buffaloes, lions, leopards and rhinos.

On top of these expect to encounter numerous other mammals such as Roth child giraffes, burchell zebras, elands, Jackson hartebeests, topis, and a wide variety of antelope species.

Uganda a Hiking Destination With Less Crowds

If you are a person with a big appetite for scaling mountains, Uganda offers you the best opportunity to engage in an epic Rwenzori hiking safari experience with minimal crowds.

Uganda is home to 2 towering mountains which are Rwenzori mountain in Mountain Rwenzori National Park and this is the 3rd highest mountain on the African continent with an elevation of 5109m, Mountain Elgon at 4321m above sea level, 3 of the 8 Virunga ranges found in Uganda and the forever intriguing Kigezi highlands will excite you on your Uganda safari to Kabale district.

All these make Uganda top of your bucket list of destinations to visit. It is on this note that the Uganda tourism board has decided to launch a new promotion campaign dubbed experience Uganda –first!

This campaign is targeting the Dubai, United Arab Emirates market segment seeking to attract locals and residents of the Gulf Countries.

The campaign, which offers selected Gulf Countries Council travel agencies unique travel holiday packages based on a number of themes along with complimentary airport transfers for their clients, was launched today at an event held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Dubai, attended by the Honorable Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, Uganda Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and the Ugandan Ambassador to the UAE and IRENA, His Excellency Ambassador Zaake Wanume Kibedi and members of the Ugandan Government and The Parliament.

The campaign promotes Destination Uganda – known also as the pearl of Africa – as a premier adventure and nature holiday destination for families, groups, couples and young adults, seeking travel experiences that create memories savored by visitors for a lifetime.

Being home to the highest concentration of primates and birds in Africa, the special promotional holiday packages include guided short Uganda wildlife safaris, long Uganda wildlife safaris, short gorilla Uganda safaris and long Uganda gorilla tours, source of the Nile tour excursion River Nile boating excursions, Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris and pampering at numerous luxury Uganda safari lodges and resorts.

A number of holiday packages have been especially curated to cover themes such as gorilla trekking Uganda tours to encounter Mountain Gorillas, Uganda adventure safari / Jinja tours in order to engage in thrilling Jinja source of the Nile tours activities such as white water rafting trips, kayaking down the River Nile, Uganda wildlife safari tours to experience Uganda’s plethora of wildlife from the comfort and a 4×4 safari jeep van for hire in Uganda or 4×4 safari land cruiser for hire in Uganda.

Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari encounters, and even coffee tours to name a few. Four and five-star Uganda safari hotels packages are also included, providing personalized service and pampering.

The packages have been especially tailored to cater for the needs of visitors from the G.C.C. region, as well as for those travelling as couples, families, or with friends.

Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Minister, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu said, “We are excited to showcase the very best that Uganda has to offer as a holiday destination for meaningful and sustainable travel.

It is hoped that through these marketing efforts, more nationals and residents of the Gulf Countries will come to visit Uganda, see first-hand the exceptional natural and human resources and talent that makes Uganda so special, especially as a holiday destination.”

As part of its ongoing marketing activities in the region, the Uganda Tourism Board will also be launching an online training program for Middle East travel agents, in order for them to become experts in promoting Uganda to their clients, and a social media campaign under the hashtag #ExperienceUganda1st, whereby travelers are encouraged to visit the Pearl of Africa before their well-traveled social circle friends and acquaintances.

The campaign launch was attended by more than 50 of the UAE’s leading travel agencies, Uganda Tourism Board officials, and a number of Uganda tour operator representatives.

To kick off the launch, Ndere Troupe, a cultural dance Performance group from Uganda also entertained the audience, showcasing the Uganda cultural safari attractions the Pearl of Africa has to offer.

Would you like to make a safari in Uganda today in order to “experience Uganda first!”? There are numerous Uganda safari companies/tour operators in Uganda that organize various tour Uganda packages that come in form of Uganda wildlife safaris that can be either short Uganda wildlife safaris or long Uganda wildlife safaris.

Uganda gorilla safaris which also can be either short Uganda gorilla tours or long Uganda gorilla safaris. These tour operator in Uganda include Prime safaris ltd and Wild gorilla safaris

Here is a sample of some these packages

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