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Moru Otukei Rock in Ngora District to Erupt Any Time -Uganda Safari News

Following a close observation by the community people, district officials as well as the district’s Environment Officer Margaret Awekonimungu, they have warned Ngora residents that there is an impending disaster that is yet to happen to the Moru Otukei rock, following strange volcanic behavior of a rock situated in the Ngora town council.

Moru Otukei rock is situated in the Okisimo Ward, Okisimo cell in Ngora Town council. The volcanic activity has been evidenced by the boiling sound that has been evidenced by residents that have climbed the rock and put their ear close to the rock.

The boiling sound is also associated with heat as you advance towards the rock and the occurrence of blue flames and smoke that are observed especially at night.

The local people living around the rock also observed the increasing in size of the cracks on the rock. The rock also makes a glass like sound when it is knocked and the knock can be hard by a person at a far distance which is regarded abnormal.

This volcanic activity at the rock reportedly started Monday morning at around 10:00am as reported by one of the elders known as; Christine Agwanga, who resides near it.

Locals maintain the strange behavior of the rock has been ongoing.

What is Volcanicity?

Refers to the ways by which magma is intruded into the earth’s crust. Through fracture, fissures found into the crust magma found inside the crust can sometimes reach the surface of the crust and consolidate from there.

In this case the features formed are Extrusive features. Some other times magma can fail to reach the earth’s surface and consolidate inside the crust before it reaches the surface.

In this case the features formed are known as Intrusive features.

The causes of volcanicity and volcanic eruption can include:

  • Increased quantity of magma in the mantle leading to increase to pressure pushing this magma out wards.
  • Presence of fissure and cracks allowing magma to move towards the crust.
  • Increase in the temperature of magma inside making the magma very light to move along a crack.
  • Increase in the vent allowing a big quantity of magma to move in at once.

Concerns about the threat of the Moru Otukei rock

The environmentalists and officials of the district have expressed several fears about what is taking place. They are worried about the population of the people surrounding the rock. The area is densely populated hence the numbers of causalities could be unbelievable incase the rock erupts before relocation.

The district officials have expressed fears that people out of inquisitiveness have kept on making their way to the rock to witness what is happening putting their lives in risk yet the rock erupt may erupt anytime.

The Moru Otukei rock is located above Ngora town in a position that can strategically pour its magma in the town affecting a good number property.

In case of eruption, the blast may come with earth quakes and this may also affect people’s houses as well as their property.

In conclusion, the Chief Administrative Officer of the area requested relative authorities in the ministry of energy and mineral resources as well as the disaster preparedness ministry in the Office of the Prime Minister for necessary action and support especially shifting people from the area with immediate effect if the country is to avoid deaths caused by this tragedy.

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