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Queen Peninah Wampamba Decides to Return to Her Roots in Uganda

The current Miss Uganda UKQueen Peninah Wampamba Decides to Return to Her Roots in Uganda today 15th February 2019

Queen Wampamba earlier last year contested as Miss Uganda UK which saw her emerge the winner of the pageant of then.

She is a medical student in her last year in University. Queen Peninah is a Ugandan lady and a Muganda by tribe from Gomba living and residing in the United Kingdom.

She left Uganda at the age of 8 together with her parents. Uganda has had many Ugandans in the diaspora with most being born and raised in the various countries outside Uganda and among the few that have caught the spy Uganda’s attention is Queen Peninah Wampamba.

Why She is Returning to Uganda

We all know, East or West, Home is the best, Queen Peninah has decided to come back to her roots that is why she has decided to return to Uganda today on the 15th February 2019.

While here, she will visit her kingdom; Buganda and possibly have the whisper of success from the gods of Buganda and hence get some introduction to the norms and culture of her kingdom.

She is also interested in having some discussions and engagements with the Ministry of Tourism in bid to sell Uganda to the outsides countries (Tulambule Ne’diaspora) mostly on issues pertaining creating the Kids’ Friendly park at Uganda Museum.

She wishes to establish Medical camps in Uganda’s National Parks to enhance or boost health level among the communities living near and around the gazetted areas.

She will undertake a Kampala city tour in order to get equipped with enough knowledge about Uganda’s capital city and Content that Uganda is rich in which is vital in the diaspora that will be useful when marketing her country.

She is also set to donate solar panels to various few selected health centres in Gomba where she belongs.

She will also do a donation of scholastic materials to a school of the blind in Gomba.

Where is The Money Coming From?

Ugandans in the diaspora mostly those in UK are the ones funding her coming and all the activities going to take place.

For How Long Will She Be Here?

She will be spending a month in Uganda doing all the slated or scheduled activities and later she will return to UK to go do some fundraising to fulfill the activities she will have started.

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