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The Tree Climbing Lion Adventure Safari Uganda

16 Days Classic Uganda Wildlife Safari Culture & Gorilla trekking Uganda SafarisThe phrase “Tree climbing Lions” may sound strange to those who have never seen this unusual behavior.

This is a very unusual behavior of lions that has only been noticed in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park in Ishasha situated in western Uganda and in Lake Manyara game reserve situated in southern Tanzania.

On your safari Uganda or while on your Tanzania wildlife safari, endeavor to add this adventure on your Uganda safari and Tanzania safari itinerary.

Why do These Lions Climb Trees?

According to the animal behaviorists experts, these Lions are climb trees as a behavioral adaptation technique of protecting themselves from the constant irritation of insect bites while relaxing on the ground under trees.

Some animal behaviorists claim that these lions have perfected the art of climbing trees as a way of escaping the sweltering heat on ground level.

So, when they climb, they get to enjoy a cool breeze and blissful nap without worrying about the happenings on the ground.

Positioning themselves in the trees gives the lions an excellent vantage point from which to observe the movement of prey as they cross the plains in search for what to graze and water.

Because lions are not physically adapted to climbing trees, these distinct groups have been able to master this skill over time and teach their young to do the same making it a great example of learned behavior as opposed to natural instinct.

Do You Want to Enjoy the Experience?

Take time and visit Lake Manyara Park in Tanzania or Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda and see this for yourself.

This Uganda wildlife safari and Tanzania safari will not only reward you with the scenic views of the picturesque landscape but also with a chance to stumble upon the population of the exceptional tree-climbing lions.

For example, in Ishasha, the lions can be seen atop huge fig tree branches as they keenly a herd of peacefully grazing antelopes, gazelles, and impalas. These herbivores form the main prey of these tree-loving lions.

During your game drive, you may be lucky enough to catch the rare spectacle of a lion gingerly and carefully moving around a tree branch before returning on the ground.

However, you should note that whether these lions choose to climb the trees to get a good view of the surrounding escarpments and monitor their preys or do so to avoid the irritation from ground level bugs such as the tsetse flies, the art of effectively climbing trees calls for a measure of effort, constant practice and excellent mastery.

Fortunately, like any skill that is hard to perfect, the more these lions climb the trees, the more adept they become at it. Go adventure this yourself!

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