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Uganda is Absolutely Safe!

Tourists who tour Uganda are pleasantly surprised to how safe Uganda is. Uganda is one of the safest, stable and secure countries suitable for Africa safaris.

Kampala; Uganda’s capital, is one of the safest capitals in Africa and over 99% of visitors that safari Uganda and leave Uganda without an incident.

It is very rare to watch news or read News papers having incidences of visitors that have had problems in Uganda.

The Ugandan government fully appreciates that it is its sacred duty to ensure the safety of visitors to Uganda and its own citizens.

Police presence is noticed almost everywhere in Uganda, ranging from traffic police seen along the roads to the Tourism Police in all tourist places in Uganda.

These are put there to ensure that Tourists are safe, not harassed and even protect Tourists from corrupt Tour Operators.

Since most of our tourist are clients going on Uganda safari tours, we realize that their well-being, their safety, and security are also part of us so we plan a beautiful and peaceful stay for them here.

Places in Uganda that are used by visitors on Uganda safaris like Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, banks, bars, Restaurants, offices use security personnel to make sure visitors stay with them is not interrupted. The security personnel are stationed both outside and at times inside of most of them.

Uganda’s received a medal for being a peaceful country

The president of Uganda; Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been awarded a global peace award for Uganda’s leading role in fostering peace and stability in the Great lakes region at large.

Museveni was handed the award on the 2nd August 2018 by the founder and President of the global peace foundation; Dr. Moon Hyun Jin during the global peace leadership conference in Munyonyo.

The three-day conference at Speke Resort Munyonyo was themed on “moral and innovative leadership. New models for sustainable peace and development with an aim of promoting innovative values based on approach to peace building.

On your safari tour in Uganda, you are safe, and we wish you a nice stay in Uganda.

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