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Virunga National Park Re Opens on the 15th February 2019

Everyone loves to hear Good News and here we go! After seven months of not operating, the world’s oldest National Park; Virunga national park is yet to be reopened for tourists especially those that enjoy Congo safaris.

Virunga National Park was closed in June 2018 following the increased insecurity in Congo where they kidnapped travelers and also killed the national park ranger who was guiding the clients.

So, the park was closed because there was need to revise new strategies to promote security in this park.

The Authorities have confirmed 15th February 2019 as the date for reopening of the park and this was announced by Hans Van der Stock, the product manager of Live to Travel.

At present, Virunga national park is under the leadership of the Belgian Emmanuel de Merode. Because everyone loves to heat Good news, the tour operators and hotel owners in Congo whose business has been on halt since the closure of the national park greatly welcomed the re-opening of Virunga National Park for tourism.

Ts will enable travelers on Congo gorilla safaris to track and see mountain gorillas in Congo a well as visit the Kahuzi Biega national park to track the eastern lowland gorillas.

Are You Safe?

The management of Virunga National Park is very dedicated to ensuring the highest safety and security of all its visitors that will undertake safari in this park.

They have trained the Virunga Rangers to international standards for the sake of visitor’s protection, including close protection, communication, first aid and evacuation procedures.

In addition, Park management oversees the security environment by maintaining close ties with local authorities, community leaders, embassies, UN agencies and NGOs.

Activities and Attractions in Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park has variety of tourism activities and attractions that visitors on safaris in Congo would enjoy.

The top most activity in Virunga National Park is mountain gorilla trekking safaris since this park is home to over 8 gorilla families where each family is visited by a group of eight people a day for an hour.

This activity is followed by Nyiragongo volcano climbing, nature walks, scenic viewing, chimpanzee trekking and bird watching safari and many more.

New tourism packages to be adopted on safaris in Virunga National Park Congo  

The Virunga National Park management developed packages for tourists interested in visiting this park. However not all generated packages are available at this time, but they will be available when they fully open up the park.

On the 15th February 2019, its only Nyiragongo and Mikeno Mist packages that will be available. Further announcements will be made as to when packages 3 to 7 will be available for booking.

Short Briefs About The Packages

1) Nyiragongo Package

The Nyiragongo package is blended to be enjoyed by tourists interested in the Congo hiking safaris to Nyiragongo where you will spend a night.

The guests interested in this safari will be required to present the Nyiragongo trek permit that must be presented before climbing.

2) The Mikeno Mist Package

The Mikeno Mist package requires about 3 days which will include a gorilla trekking safari in the Virunga’s and a hike to the Nyirango hike.

3) Le Petit Virunga Package

Le Petit Virunga package includes 3 nights’ stay in Virunga National Parka mountain gorilla trekking safari in Virunga National Park and the Nyiragongo volcano trek.

4) The Virunga Classic

The Virunga Classic is a five-day trip into Virunga includes two gorilla treks, and a one-night stay on Nyiragongo volcano.

5) The Great Ape Package

The Great Ape package offers tourists opportunity to see two great ape taxa in Virunga National Park. It consists of one initial night accommodation at Mikeno Lodge, one-night accommodation at Bukima Tented Camp, two gorilla treks with an additional two nights’ accommodation at Mikeno Lodge.

6) The Virunga Expedition Package

The Virunga Expedition package offers the very best of Virunga National Park. It includes gorilla trekking in the park where you will interact with the endangered mountain gorillas, visit the savannas of the Ishasha Valley and hike the Nyiragongo volcano with a Tchegera Island for a retreat. This requires several days.

7) The Rutshuru Expedition Package

The Rutshuru Expedition package offers the best of Virunga National Park minus the Nyiragongo volcano trek. It includes trekking to the endangered mountain gorillas, visit the Ishasha Valley and stay on the Tchegera Island for a retreat.

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