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Birding Safaris Uganda; Africa’s Birding Haven! – Uganda’s Big Birding Day

birding safaris UgandaUganda; the “Pearl of Africa” is regarded as Africa’s best birding destination for birders interested in birding safaris Uganda and other nature fanatics.

Uganda is blessed with over 1,031 confirmed bird species distributed allover Uganda.

This figure represents more than half the bird species that can be found in the whole of Africa.

Even with over 1000 species of birds, very few Ugandans are aware of this rich diversity of birds present in this country.

For this reason, Nature Uganda would like to improve this awareness through the Uganda big birding day and also to promote avi-conservation and avitourism.

Avitourism is a recreational activity done by tourists and is commonly known as bird watching. This safari activity is part of ecotourism which contributes significantly to conservation and as well as economic growth of Uganda.

Nature Uganda is doing all it takes to promote avitourism in Uganda mainly by tourists and very few locals.

For this reason, we hope that the Uganda big birding day will create more awareness and thus improve on local tourism.

Why Tourists Undertake Birding Safaris Uganda

birding safaris UgandaTourists interested in a Uganda birding safari/ Uganda birding safaris, have chance to see almost half of the number of these species depending on the number of days of their Uganda birding tour/ Uganda birding tours.

A birding trip to Uganda is the most leisurely in the East and Central tropical birding destinations.

During your Uganda safari/ safari Uganda, expect to see several bird species in different areas on your way to Uganda birding destinations. Uganda has more bird species per square kilometer than any other country in Africa.

Because Uganda has diversity of habitats including arid, semi-dessert, savannahs, lowland, montane rainforests, wetlands, volcanoes and an Afro-alpine zone.

These different vegetation types are home to different species of birds as you will see on your birding tour in Uganda.

Besides birding safaris in Uganda, Uganda has over 10 National Parks suitable for Uganda wildlife safaris and Gorilla safaris Uganda/ Uganda gorilla trekking safaris/Uganda gorilla safaris.

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