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Joshua Cheptegei Upheld The Uganda Flag High As He Set A New 10km World Record At The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso-Uganda Safari News

Joshua Cheptegei upheld the Uganda flag high as he set a new 10km world record At The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso.

Uganda is not only known for its spectacular beauty in terms of landscape and wide biodiversity of wildlife but now also as an epicentre of world athletics champions.

During the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso, Uganda’s claim as an athletics powerhouse was once again put on display as Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei and others took part in this 10000m or 10km mini-marathon.

There was a lot at stake including a world record of 38:44 that was set way back in 2010 by Kenya’s Patrick Leonard Komon.

Well, Joshua who is having an incredible in the world of athletics had his work cut for him and he had his eyes fixed on the prize which was first to win the race and ultimately eclipse the world record.

Making the Impossible Possible

Cheptegei’s storm to victory was a carefully co-ordinated work of art that was meticulously planned out between him and his pacesetters who had to give him the pace he needed to storm to the finish line just at the right minute.

Pacesetter, Roy Hoornweg covered the opening kilometre in 2:42 before Cheptegei moved to the front briefly demanding a quicker pace, a demand that was met – by the second kilometre the clock read 5:42 for a 2:40-kilometre split.

Once Hoorweg dropped out, Uganda’s duo of Stephen Kissa and Abdallah Mande took command with Cheptegei in tow, with the trio covering three kilometres in 7:57, well inside the world record schedule.

Following a 2:41 split for the fourth kilometre, Cheptegei overtook the pacemakers before the halfway point, reaching 5km in 13:23, one second shy of the world record for that distance.

Running on his own over the entire second half, a determined Cheptegei reached 6km in 16:02 and 7km in 18:42.

Cheptegei forged on, reaching 8km in 21:37 when it became clear that the world record was within reach.

With 23:59 on the clock at the 9km point, Cheptegei needed to cover the final kilometre in 2:45, a close well within his capabilities.

Cheptegei’s average pace was two minutes and 40 seconds per kilometre in Valencia, passing through 5km in 13 minutes 24 seconds.

“What a year it has been. I can’t believe it,” “I knew that Valencia was going to be a really fast course, one of the fastest in the world.

So to get to achieve what we came here for is something really special”. “This year has made me so happy.” The 23-year-old noted.

“We are happy that Cheptegei has completed the season in style and continued to rise the Ugandan flag high,” Dominic Otuchet, President of the Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF) said.

In 2018, he ran 41 minutes five seconds in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, to break the 15km road world record.

Cheptegei’s Trail of Championships in 2019

It has been quite a truly remarkable year for this 23-year who has now completed a hattrick in the 10km race for 2019 with 3 consecutive wins that began from the World Cross Country Championships in Arhus Denmark, followed by another impressive win at the World Championships in Doha and now yesterday’s win at the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso.

Uganda Athletics Heroes

Although Chepitegei is Uganda’s athletics “IT BOY” as of now, his prowess comes after several other Ugandans have made a name for themselves and Uganda as a country at large on the world stage.

Some of the legends’ shoes Cheptegei is trying to fill include John Akiibua- Uganda’s first Olympic gold medalist who won the 1972 Summer Olympics 400- meter hurdles.

The other twilight of Uganda’s athletics is Dorcus Inzikuru. Dorcus ended Uganda’s 33 years wait for an international gold medal when she won the inaugural women 3000m steeplechase at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki Finland.

Uganda’s presence at international events was once again seen at the 2012 summer Olympics when Stephen Kiprotich clichéd the gold medal for the men’s marathon and he did it again winning gold at the 2013 World Championships Men’s marathon which were held in Moscow.

Besides sports prowess, Uganda is also a destination that never disappoints when you are looking for your ultimate Africa safari adventure.

This is hinged on the fact that Uganda is more than abundantly blessed with a myriad of Uganda safari attractions that will surely live you breathless when you decide to take that short Uganda safari or long Uganda tour as you traverse this beautiful tropical paradise.

Let’s Take a Walk into Uganda’s Tourism Attractions


It’s without a doubt that Uganda is one of the few countries that are home to the magical and critically endangered gorillas.

Gorilla safaris in Uganda are carried out in 2 incredibly beautiful places and these are Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

A gorilla safari Uganda to any of this place gives a unique opportunity to encounter any of the 19 gorilla families that have been habituated within these tropical gems to give you an amazing gorilla trekking Uganda tour experience.

However, it’s only prudent for me to tell you that Uganda isn’t the only country where gorilla tours are carried out since they are also carried out in Rwanda and Congo.

Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are carried out in the Volcanoes National park. While in Rwanda for a Rwanda gorilla tour, you can make best believe that you will have an opportunity to encounter any of the 11 gorilla families that have been give you an ultimate gorilla trekking Rwanda safari experience.

From Rwanda, you can also cross into Congo where you are assured of a Congo gorilla safari fun fare as you have to encounter both the mountain gorillas with a Congo gorilla tour to Virunga National Park or the gigantic and stocky eastern lowland gorillas in the tropical forests of Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Savanna Wildlife.

Ever heard of Africa’s big five game? Well, a tour in Uganda to several of our Uganda safari tour savanna national parks puts in a right place to have an encounter with these animals which include the Africa bush elephants which are the biggest land mammals on the planet, the night stalking African leopards, the stubborn cape buffaloes, the rhinos and Africa’s apex predators of the pride savanna lands, the lions.

A Uganda wildlife safari aimed with an encounter of many of these animals and more leads you on a tour Uganda adventure to Uganda wildlife safaris national parks such as Queen Elizabeth national park Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo National park.

Uganda the birders Pandora’s Box

Any birder who intends to do an Africa birding safari should expect nothing less of a phenomenal Uganda birding safari experience since Uganda is home to a whopping 1070 bird species that roam freely the skies of this lovely country.

No matter where you go on safari Uganda adventure, expect to meet several of Uganda’ birds though avid birders have always found Uganda safari tours destinations such as Kibale National park, Semuliki National park, Mountain Rwenzori National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Murchison falls National park rather intriguing birding destinations given the diverse range of bird species that are found within these places.

 Uganda- Africa’s Cultural Epicentre

Besides wildlife and landscape, Uganda is an interesting Africa safari tour destination given the unique and wide cultural diversity that exists here, Uganda, a country that’s no larger than Great Britain or even Oregon state in the United States in terms of size is not only home to the world’s youngest population with a national average age of 16 years but also is a country with the largest ethnic diversity on the African continent.

Uganda is home to over 60 tribes and if you’re to make a Uganda tour across the country, surely you won’t miss noticing this.

However, some of the most fascinating tribes in Uganda the Baganda tribe whose kingdom has lasted for over millennium while following a centralized system of governance.

The Karamajong people in the northeastern part of the country normally encountered while on Uganda safaris to Kidepo valley will intrigue you with their high jump inspired dance that is quite similar to that of the Masai and Turkana’s of Kenya and Tanzania.

These people also have a rather unique settlement pattern commonly known as the Manyata which is very pleasing to see.

You can also take time off your Uganda safari to Kidepo and visit the Ik people who are believed to speak a language that’s close to Spanish.

Wound up your Uganda gorilla tour experience with an encounter with the Batwa who are the original custodians of these forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga as they are believed to have settled within these forests over 1000 years ago.

A Uganda cultural encounter with the Batwa will definitely get you surprised by how these managed to live in perfect harmony side by side with these giant beasts the gorillas that also share these forests as their homes.

Would you like to have an encounter with any of these attractions in Uganda? Feel free to check out our website which ultimately gives you a preview of some of our safaris in Uganda  packages that have been designed to lead you on an adventure to various parts of the country giving you unlimited access to the best of Africa safari attractions in Uganda.

Our Uganda gorilla safaris packages that have been featured here are designed to give you an encounter with the magical gorillas as the major attraction while Uganda wildlife safari packages cater for those that are interested in epic Uganda savanna wildlife as well as our fascinating and quite interesting culture birds and gorillas if you need them to be included.

Regardless of your intended length of stay in Uganda for a Uganda wildlife tour or Uganda gorilla tour experience, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of packages which include short Uganda wildlife safaris, these run from as low 2 days Uganda safari to Lake Mburo or 2 days Uganda wildlife tour to Queen Elizabeth.

our  Long Uganda wildlife safaris, start from  7 days to and run to as long as 18 days, even more, depending on your choice of number of days you intend to spend while traversing this pristine Pearl of Africa.

For those on a Uganda gorilla trekking safari adventure, we have short Uganda gorilla tours these run from a 3 days Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi or a 4 days Bwindi gorilla safari and wildlife to Queen Elizabeth to long gorilla trekking Uganda tours that go to start from 6 days to 18 days for example 6 Days Uganda gorilla safari with chimpanzees.

You can also try out our other signature Africa safaris that run through other Africa destinations such as Rwanda, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania and these include Rwanda gorilla safaris and these feature short Rwanda gorilla safaris as well as Long Rwanda gorilla safaris.

Kenya wildlife safaris also feature both short Kenya wildlife safaris and Long Kenya wildlife safaris. Tanzania wildlife safaris and Congo gorilla and wildlife safaris have also been featured on this website.

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