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Quad Biking Safaris in Uganda

What is Quad Biking All About?

Quad biking safaris in Uganda are designed especially for off-road driving experiences. The quad bike experience has left several tourists thrilled to the bones.

A quad bike or an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is four-wheeled and will help you bounce across the terrain.

The quad biking activity

Quad biking is a popular and adventurous activity among all age groups. Quad biking is one of the most promising Uganda safari activities for all tourists with varying skill levels.

Tourists who want to do this activity don’t really need to be experts to register for the quad biking activity.

The exciting adventurous activity gets tourists driving across a number of trails which normally include overhead bridges, bumpy grounds, muddy ditches and large circular tracks, where you get around tight corners which you must challenge to overcome.

The minimum age for quad biking is 12 years. Each of the quad biking sessions are tailored specifically to suit the age, ability and experience of the group.

All the quad biker operators provide tourists with essential gears which consist of a protective clothing and equipment to ensure maximum safety and thus ascertain that you have a fantastic time driving with your loved ones on your day trip in Uganda.

How is Quad Biking Done?

No previous experience of driving a vehicle is necessary. There is a free training session is conducted for the victors before each a quad biking safari Uganda starts.

The routes are tailored to suit the rider’s ability and give the best possible adventure. This session consumes over 30 minutes for preparation and the training / practice session before the safari starts.

Where is Quad Biking Done in Uganda?

Quad biking safaris can be done while on a 1-day trip to Jinja in Eastern Uganda or on your day trip to Lake Mburo National Park Uganda.

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