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The Fight To Keep Destination Uganda Ebola-Free – Uganda Safari News


Uganda is always on the red alert for an Ebola outbreak crisis. Given Uganda’s location next to the neighbouring D.R Congo which suffers from multiple relapses of the Ebola outbreak. Uganda has to always keep an eye on unfolding events about the Ebola disease in D.R. Congo and in this very faith, News reaching our desk is that a team of health experts from Kampala led by our very own health minister Dr Jane Ruth Acheng  together with the world health organization representative to Uganda, Yonas Tegegny Woldermariam are in the eastern town of DRC Goma to attend the African union united Nations cross border meeting on the Ebola outbreak in DRC .

This meeting is aimed at assessing the response and recommendation made in the previous cross border meeting.

This follow-up meeting is one of the many avenues that the Uganda government has put in place to safeguard destination from an Ebola virus outbreak in Uganda.

Uganda has always had the backing of the international community who have always come to help Uganda in her fight against this deadly disease.

It was on this same note that the Director-general of the world health organization visited Uganda earlier in June to assess Uganda’s Ebola response and this was his 3rd visit in a space of less than 2 years.

During this visit, Dr. Tedros Adhnom Ghebreyesus commended the resilience of Uganda’s health systems that have always delivered a success story in the fight against Ebola every time an outbreak occurs in Uganda and even in other countries on the African continent.

Many international health and donor agencies have pledged and donated materials and money to help Uganda in her fight against a deadly killer.

These include the European Commission has provided an emergency funding of €2.5 million for Uganda, UNICEF under the umbrella of its UN Child Agency has donated 5500 handwashing facilities to put in crowd areas such as schools, hospitals, and border entry points in 17 districts across western Uganda.

Uganda The Ultimate Destination of Choice

With all these consented efforts, Uganda remains free from Ebola and being a destination of choice to many Africa safari-goers visit the country because of its great wildlife biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and culture.

What To See While on a Uganda safari

16 Days Classic Uganda Wildlife Safari Culture & Gorilla trekking Uganda SafarisAre you looking for an encounter with diverse wildlife? Well, let me take you on a Uganda wildlife safari ride of a lifetime as we encounter several of our over 120 spectacular wildlife mammals that are found in the various Uganda wildlife safaris destinations.

 Uganda safaris to Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park And Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda  such as 2 days Lake Mburo safari, 3 days queen Elizabeth national park safari, 3 days Murchison falls national park safari are highly rated by numerous Africa wildlife safari-goers because of the during this safari Uganda to any, of these parks, you have an opportunity to encounter some of Uganda’s finest wild mammals such as the 5 big Africa game like lions, cape buffaloes, African bush elephants, leopards and rhino that are found in Ziwa rhino sanctuary.

Other wild mammals you’re likely to encounter include the Rothchild Giraffes, Burchell Zebras And The Elands In Lake Mburo National Park, Topis and a wide range of antelope species

Uganda The Land of Primates

Anyone who has an undying for primates should really consider making a safari in Uganda because Uganda is the ultimate king when it comes to diversity of primates.

A Uganda safari tour that is highly inspired by anyone’s desire to have glorious encounters with primates will be easily satisfied because Uganda is home to at least 13 primate species a number that’s quite hard to find in other African countries.

Let’s walk through the maze of primates in Uganda. Looking for chimpanzees? Uganda is here for you to make your Africa safari dreams come true because a Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari gives one on one encounters with these magnificent beings that are found in Kibale national park, Murchison falls national park’s Budongo forest and Queen Elizabeth’s Kyamburo gorge and Kalinzu forest.

Be on the Lookout For the Giant Mountain Gorillas

13 Days Uganda gorilla safari, wildlife tour & hiking safari tourYes, Uganda is home to these elusive giants and a Uganda gorilla tour allows you an opportunity to spend an hour with these magical beings.

A Gorilla safaris Uganda take you on a memorable journey to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the gorilla capitals of Uganda and when you get there during your gorilla trekking Uganda safari, you have an opportunity to meet any of the 19 gorilla families that are found here.

Other primates you can encounter in various national parks during your Uganda safari tours include the L’Hoest monkeys, Uganda Mangabeys, Patas monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and many more.

However, I think God decided to spread Uganda’s diversity to other neighbouring countries because you can still have in an amazing gorilla safari experience when you make Rwanda safari tour or a Congo safari tour.

A Rwanda safari with an aim of meeting the gorillas takes you to Volcanoes National Park which is home to 10 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you a fantastic Rwanda gorilla tour experience.

For those that would want to opt for the gorilla safari Congo, then you are in for a Congo safari visit to Virunga National park where you get to engage in a thrilling gorilla trekking Congo safari experience as you search for any of the 8 gorilla families that are found here or you can also visit Kahuzi Biega National Park and search for any of the 2 lowland gorilla families that are  found in this park.

although Congo is having challenges of Ebola, Congo gorilla destinations have been protected from this deadly virus as the government has undertaken various measures

Uganda the Avian Capital of Africa.

Birds, when you speak of birds in Africa, Uganda should be on top of the bucket list of your Africa birding safari destinations to visit.

This is primarily based on the fact that Uganda is home to over 50% of all bird species in Africa and about 13% of the birds out their on the planet.

A Uganda birding safari to any of the numerous birding safari destinations in Uganda such as Semuliki National Park, Lake Mburo National Park Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidpeo Valley National Park and Kibale Forest National Park is a totally unique experience that gives you an opportunity to encounter several of the 1070 bird species that call Dear Uganda home.

Some of the bird species to look out for on your Uganda bird watching adventure include the ancient like shoebill stork, the African finfoot, the Karamoja Apalis, the great blue turaco, the African green breasted pitta,  the Rwenzori turaco, the Nkulengu rail and many others.

The Beautiful Landscape.

Are you looking for a place where you can hike with few people trailing behind your back or obscuring your view of your destination ahead of you?

Uganda has got you covered already. Engage in an epic Uganda hiking safari and enjoy hiking with few people trailing your back.

Uganda is home to 2 towering mountains which are Rwenzori mountain in Mountain Rwenzori National Park and this is the 3rd highest mountain on the African continent with an elevation of 5109m, Mountain Elgon at 4321m above sea level, 3 of the 8 Virunga ranges found in Uganda which are Muvura, Sabinyo and Ghinga and these are found in Mgahinga National Park.

So in case you’re up for a hiking challenge, try either the Rwenzori mountain climbing safari experience or hike any of the 3 ranges of Mgahinga in Mgahinga gorilla national park and I promise you an exhilarating hiking experience of a lifetime.

Oh, before I forget, you might not hike Kigezi hills but expect a dramatic scenery that will make you fall in love this intriguing Kigezi highlands will excite you on your Uganda safari to Kabale district.

Would you like to make a Uganda safari? There are numerous Uganda safari companies/tour operators in Uganda that organize various tour Uganda packages that come in the form of Uganda wildlife safaris that can be either short Uganda wildlife safaris or long Uganda wildlife safaris.

Uganda gorilla safaris which also can be either short Uganda gorilla tours or long Uganda gorilla safaris. These tour operator in Uganda include Prime safaris ltd and Wild gorilla safaris

Here are some of the bestselling Uganda packages

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